Ivy Trio (2012 – )

The Bass Player Jean-Pierre Schaller founded the Ivy Trio in 2012. This is his mos intimate project to date for which he wrote compositions with pop resonances with the freedom and the interactivity of jazz music.

To accompany this personal trip he turned to his accomplice for many years, the saxophonist Fabienne Hoerni and drummer Félix Bergeron, who develops an original approach incorporating a wide range of percussion and electronics to his drumming.

2014 the Ivy Trio released their first CD „European Cowboy“. The music on this album is a personal and quite introspective journey.

2016 follows the EP „No Return“ which contains four new songs and two remixes from Pierre Audétat (Stade) and Abtick (Len Sander), both distinguished musicians who like to experiment with actual beats and sounds. The music has developed, the Ivy Trio is increasingly involved in rock and pop, but always puts improvisation and interaction in the center of the musical process.

  • Jean-Pierre Schaller – compos, electric bass
  • Fabienne Hoerni – tenor & soprano saxes
  • Félix Bergeron – drums, percussions, electronic


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Pictures by René Mosele